The 3 Bs: Thoughts on Overcommitting

Font Magica and Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

I’m not sure how much more my brain can hold. Travel planning has become an intense study of current cultural events and an immersive European history class I never had in school… or maybe I did take European history and I didn’t pay attention. Pretty sure that’s not the case, though, since I was A Model Student. I hesitate to say we’ve overbooked ourselves this spring because the realist in me knows this is simply a test of my organizational, short term memory, and foreign language skills. As well as a crazy but necessary self-imposed challenge to read guidebooks for three countries back to back in a very short amount of time.

Between March 24 and May 2 we are taking Spain, Hungary, and Belgium by storm. Barcelona, Budapest, and Bruges. The 3 Bs. Busting my Butt for the Best reasons. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Barcelona: Check.

Budapest? I have 4 days to pull it together. Their language and currency make it more complicated than it really is. If you’ve ever been to Budapest and want to tell me what to do there, I’m all ears. Especially if you’ve kayaked down the Danube – I want to hear about that.

Bruges? Chocolate, beer, waffles? I think? Also we’re driving so we need a “safety kit complete with breathalyzer and neon vest” for when we pass through France. Oh and headlight dimmers. France really doesn’t do herself any favors with her international reputation, does she? Bunch of wimps. A breathalyzer? Really? Isn’t that why you have police? What am I going to do? Pull myself over? May as well throw in a sobriety test handbook so I can do this thing properly.

Enough procrastinating. Who wants to see sunny crazy colorful Barcelona!?

Good, me too. Only… I don’t have that put together yet because I’ve been reading about Budapest. But I’m working on it TODAY. The ONLY thing I’m doing today is Barcelona wrap-up so check back later!

There. That should do it. Now you will all hold me accountable and I can’t move until I’ve fulfilled my promise.


The 3 Bs: Thoughts on Overcommitting

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