Hiking Mam Tor

Spring weather arrived in the West Midlands last weekend! Perfect excuse for a hike in the Peak District. The exposed rocky cliff is Mam Tor, the site of a late Bronze Age/early Iron Age hill fort, complete with burial mounds. The hill is made of black shale and sandstone (recipe for erosion) and England’s National Trust organization has assumed responsibility for its maintenance.

The little village of Castleton at the base of the hills was bopping! We had no idea, but there was a ridge run scheduled that morning and there were also tons of hang gliders and paragliders drifting over Mam Tor. The atmosphere reminded me a bit of Colorado and the energy was contagious. How beautiful are these photos!? We made it to the peak of Mam Tor and had our first glimpse of accumulated snow since we’ve lived here.

How fun to float over the Peaks strapped to a human kite!! I don’t think I have the arm muscles needed to maneuver those ropes, but I’d definitely tandem fly if given the opportunity. Does that exist? Tandem paragliding?

Wherever you are, I hope you’re taking advantage of the nice weather!

Hiking Mam Tor

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