The English Riviera 

After a sunny and fabulous week in Italy, we’ve been cooped up in the house avoiding the endless rain. I’m pretty sure this is normal for England in the winter, but then again, the northern half of the UK is struggling with widespread flooding. So maybe this is considered extreme? Our yard is a sloppy mess. Penny has been sick for over a month, probably because she has to swim through the yard every time she needs to pee. We needed a holiday from our holiday. So yesterday we packed up the car and drove south to what the English call their Riviera. May as well swap the sloppy boggy city for the sea!

We drove along the coast south of Exeter and stopped in Torquay and Brixham, two beautiful beach towns known for their fresh seafood and pastel buildings. I had the best crab cakes of my life at a place called Rockfish. And it was takeout! Fresh crab takeout!!! Does it get any better?! YES! It was so cheap it felt like I was stealing. Rockfish’s tag line is something like “tomorrow’s meal is still in the sea.” My kinda’ place. Fancier restaurants all boast that their chefs hand pick the day’s offerings each morning at the big fish market.

Brixham hauls in more fresh fish daily than any other town in the area. We’ll definitely be back.

The sun came out (miracle) and we walked along the red rocky cliffs and attempted to walk down to a beach. These beaches are small, at the bottom of steep roads or long flights of stairs, and are covered in red rocks. I think Torquay has around 20 different beaches that are popular in warmer weather.

We had packed pillows and blankets in case we decided to “car camp” (God help me) and extend this trip, but you know, when the sun sets at 4pm you have nothing to do save sit in a pub. Or your car. Like a creepo. So we drove home and decided to save the rest of the coast for when we have more time.  Here are some pictures!

Going on a boondoggle. Terrible selfie. You’re welcome.
Red cliffs and bay in Torquay
Colorful beach huts
Romping in Brixham
Torquay as a storm rolls in
Pretty pastel buildings in Brixham (taken from inside a moving car, sorry)
Under wraps in a pub
Rocky shore

Another view

I went picture crazy in Italy so as soon as I finish sorting through everything I’ll have some fun things to share!

The English Riviera 

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