Day Trip to Sutton Park

On Saturday morning we decided to flee our tiny hotel room and the cigarette-filled city and head to the country. Sutton Park is the 7th largest park in Europe and only a 30-minute bus ride from Birmingham’s City Centre. We spent the afternoon wandering on and off the trails, eating wild blackberries, and tiring out the dog. Wild ponies and cattle are loose in the park, and while we didn’t see any ponies, we certainly saw plenty of poop.

I’m using Flickr to back up our photos while we’re abroad, so head to my account if you want to see more and read less!

In other news, we think we are moving into our apartment on September 2! We haven’t signed anything or paid anyone, which makes me nervous, but our “relocation consultant” is handling the details. The place is in a fabulous location, with a backyard and an updated interior, but the downside is that it’s unfurnished. Yes, that’s right. It’s a completely empty house. And all we brought with us were clothes and dog food. We’re considering ordering a truckload of stuff from Ikea and dooming ourselves to hours upon hours of Swiss-pictogram assembly instructions. Kill me now.


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