Tragedy of Tragedies

People. Chips and Salsa are officially MIA over here. Connor searched both known grocery stores: Sainsbury’s and Poundland. (Yes, Poundland = British Dollar Store. Expiration date on all items: next week) He even checked the “ethnic section,” which we imagined would be quite extensive given the diversity of this city. Apparently we are too far from Mexico. Maybe I’ll start a taco food truck while I’m here, but first I better learn how to make salsa. If you have a good recipe, send it to me!

Lest you doubt the gravity of this situation please remember that the Doyle fridge usually looks like this.

In other news, we visited Victoria Square, home to Birmingham’s local government buildings and some of the coolest architecture we’ve seen so far. We didn’t have a chance to go inside the Museum and Art Gallery but plan to some other time. Also, there’s a fountain in the middle of the square affectionately referred to as the “floozie in the jacuzzi.” Ha!

Flowers Outside the Council House
Flowers Outside the Council House
Birmingham Council House
Birmingham Council House

The weather changes very quickly here – here’s the Council House when the sun came out.

You can see the floozie if you look closely.

On Thursday we checked out the famous Rag Market and Bull Ring Market hoping to buy some “fruit and veg.” EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP! WHY??? Really hoping this stuff isn’t farmed by children or something because I just can’t figure it out. Kiwi are 10 pence each?? Mangoes are 25p? What? We picked up some amazing cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, carrots, garlic, and a “pine”(apple) for under 5 pounds. So far we haven’t been poisoned and everything is delicious. NOTE: The second picture below is horrifying. View at your own risk.

Bull Ring Market
Bull Ring Market
Heads: 3 for $5. HORRORS!

If anyone has a clue what those are used for, do enlighten me in the comments below. This is one thing I do not care to google. I think I’ll be sending Connor into the meat market from now on. PS. WHOSE HEADS ARE THOSE? They look like dinosaurs or something. They’re certainly not pig heads because those were hanging from the ceiling.

Normal market food

Still waiting to hear about the apartment, so in the meantime we’re hanging out in Birmingham City University’s beautiful gardens and visiting more pubs!

Tragedy of Tragedies

2 thoughts on “Tragedy of Tragedies

  1. Amanda says:

    Truly a tragedy about the chips and salsa! I know what to send in a care package!! I do have a good salsa recipe but it’s with tomatillos. Are those a thing there?

    Also, I laughed out loud when you said those heads look dinosaurs. That was the first thing I thought!! Who wants raptor for dinner? Any takers? No? Ok….


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